Road Safety

Road infrastructure plays a vital role in helping reduce crashes and minimising the severity of injuries if there is an accident.

The key principles of Safe System approach are that:

  • Road users make mistakes and the transport system must accommodate these. Use of the system should not result in death or serious injury as a consequence of road user errors.
  • Human bodies have limited capacity to absorb impact force before injury occurs.
  • The road system should be forgiving of human error and frailty. System designers and operators need to take into account the limits of the human body in designing and maintaining roads, vehicles and speeds. Forces in collisions resulting from human error must not exceed the limits of human tolerance.

Safe System involves careful consideration of interactions between road infrastructure, travel speeds, road users and vehicles.

Road infrastructure is well-aligned with Safe System objectives if it:

  • considers and performs for all relevant road users
  • is forgiving of road users’ errors
  • has fail-safe redundancies
  • focuses on fatal and serious injury minimisation.

I attended the two day workshop held in Darwin on 29th and 30th of September 2016 and was very informative and useful. I have compiled presentation slides discussed this workshop thinking that it will be useful for someone who looking for this new approach in going towards saving more lives on our roads. Austroads has attempted to understand what a Safe System would look like in practice, including what Safe Roads and Roadsides really means.

The workshop was fruitful and has encouraged us to think in a different way while we consider the safety aspects of road infrastructure.

You can download the slides from link below and is also available in Austroads website for free download. This is shared here for the purpose of knowledge sharing only and should not be misused for any financial benefit.

Austroads’ Safe System Infrastructure Workshop Presentation – All Slides

Rajan Humagai is a certified road safety auditor accredited by Vicroads and his detail can be found by clicking on Road Safety Auditor Management System

Rajan Humagai is a certified WZ1— Traffic Management Plan Designer and his certificate can be found by clicking on WZ1 ID Card Rajan Humagai and Rajan Humagai – Prepare work zone traffic management plan – statement of attainment