Pavement Engineering

Austroads Pavement Work Tips:

The Pavement Work Tips are produced jointly by the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) and the Austroads Asphalt Research Reference Group.

Austroads pavement work tips are brief publications & they provide easy-to-digest information on various construction aspects. There are more than 50 Pavement Work Tips and are very useful for all practitioners.

Click to download all of them: Austroads Pavement Work Tips Collection

The Work Tips can also be downloaded from the Austroads publications website for free after logging in.

Road Policies from Department of Transport Northern Territory Government

If you wish to download road policies published by Northern Territory Government Department of Transport, please click on the link below. I have compiled the policies so that you can view by downloading on a single click. Click on the policy name listed on the table of content to jump directly to the page to see policy details.


The Department of Transport manages the road network and transport infrastructure and undertakes a variety of activities to provide a broad range of road and transport services to the Northern Territory community.

Transport infrastructure includes a wide range of assets such as roads, airstrips, barge landings to jetties, bus stops and park and rides which supports all modes of transport in the Territory.