Contract Management

Contract management is a continuous process, starting with analysis and evaluation of the customer’s inquiry, and carrying on until contract closure, upon fulfillment of all contractual obligations.

Contract preparation comprises analysis and evaluation of the other parties’ requirements, a clear statement of our own requirements, and negotiation in order to reach agreement between the involved parties. After signing the contract, upon handover, the implementation team needs to analyze the contract in order to ensure that they understand what has been signed and needs to be implemented. When preparing and signing a contract in definition and planning phase, we anticipate how we want to implement the required project results, and fix this anticipation in our planning documents. This means that all our project planning is based on assumptions on how the project environment will develop over implementation and closure phase. As a simple matter of life, these assumptions can turn out to be wrong: certain conditions can change, or certain events can happen so that changes or deviations of the plans and of the contract become necessary. Thus, it would be helpful to prepare the project plans and the contract in a way so that those necessary changes can be implemented with mutual agreement of all involved parties.

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